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New Anti-Smoking Policies in China Could Save Nearly 13 Million Lives in Next 40 Years
February 19, 2014

55 Genes Linked to a Powerful Tumor Suppressor Predict Breast Cancer Survival
February 11, 2014

GUMC Experts Offer Commentary on Olympics-related Medical Stories
February 3, 2014

Genetic Counseling Via Telephone as Effective as In-person Counseling
January 22, 2014

Fifty Years of Tobacco Control Significantly Extended Lives of 8 Million Americans
January 7, 2014

Exercise Protects Against Aggressive Breast Cancer in Black Women
December 11, 2013

Molecule Common in Some Cancers, Rheumatoid Arthritis Leads to Potential Therapy for Both
November 14, 2013

Georgetown’s Jonklaas Named to Board of American Thyroid Association
November 1, 2013

Pregnant Rats Exposed to Obesity Hormone Lose Birth’s Protective Effect on Breast Cancer
October 29, 2013

Larry Fitzgerald Named 2013 Recipient of NFL Players Association Georgetown Lombardi Award
October 22, 2013

27th Annual Lombardi Gala to Benefit Cancer Research
October 22, 2013

MEDIA ADVISORY:Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald To Receive NFL Players Association Georgetown Lombardi Award
October 22, 2013

MEDIA ADVISORY: Capital Breast Care Center Hosts Annual Gift of Life Breakfast
October 18, 2013

In a Surprise Finding, Gene Mutation Found Linked to Low-Risk Bladder Cancer
October 14, 2013

Compound Derived from Vegetables Shields Rodents from Lethal Radiation Doses
October 14, 2013

Three Georgetown Lombardi Leaders Appointed to Federal Advisory Posts
October 11, 2013

Georgetown Lombardi Hosts “Ladies & Lattes” for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October 8, 2013

One Team for the Cure T-shirts Now on Sale to Benefit Georgetown Lombardi
October 1, 2013

Moms Often Talk to Children About the Results of Cancer Genetic Testing
July 3, 2013

Tobacco Control Policies Stop People From Smoking and Save Lives
July 1, 2013

Georgetown Dean Tapped for Federal Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee
June 6, 2013

Georgetown Receives PCORI Research Award to Study Latina Breast Cancer Survivorship
May 15, 2013

First Prospective Trial Shows Molecular Profiling Timely for Tailoring Therapy
May 15, 2013

Preclinical Tests Shows Agent Stops “Slippery” Proteins from Binding, Causing Ewing Sarcoma
May 13, 2013

Initiation of Breast Cancer Treatment Varies By Race; Patient-Doctor Communication Is Key
May 7, 2013

Georgetown Lombardi Team Raises $145,000 for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
May 6, 2013

Excess Estrogen in Pregnancy Can Silence BRCA1 in Daughters, Increasing Breast Cancer Risk
April 10, 2013

Exposure to Space Radiation Reduces Ability of Intestinal Cells to Destroy Oncoprotein
April 10, 2013

Georgetown Univ. and Hackensack Univ. Medical Center Form Cancer Center Affiliation
April 9, 2013

High-risk Screening and High Rate of Follow Up — Patient Navigators Credited
April 8, 2013

February 19, 2013

Giuseppe Giaccone Joins Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
February 15, 2013

St. Baldrick’s Grant Awarded to Georgetown University Medical Center
January 30, 2013

Georgetown Physician Comments on Robin Roberts To Return to Good Morning America
January 14, 2013

Capital Breast Care Center Appoints New Executive Director
December 31, 2012

Louis M. Weiner Appointed to NCI Board of Scientific Counselors
December 10, 2012

November 26, 2012

Symposium Explores Obstacles to Boosting Patient Enrollment in Clinical Trials
November 26, 2012

“Different Kind of Stem Cell” Possesses Attributes Favoring Regenerative Medicine
November 21, 2012

Dietary Glucose Affects the Levels of A Powerful Oncogene in Mice
November 15, 2012

Strong Tobacco Control Policies in Brazil Credited for More Than 400,000 Lives Saved
November 6, 2012

26th Annual Lombardi Gala to Benefit Cancer Research
October 31, 2012

Robert Kraft Named First Recipient of NFL Players Association Georgetown Lombardi Award
October 25, 2012

Art Exhibit at Georgetown Features Illustrations of Medicinal, Healing Plants
October 12, 2012

Georgetown Opens Office of Minority Health & Health Disparities Research in SE Washington
October 11, 2012

Georgetown University Medical Center Establishes Center for Drug Discovery
October 1, 2012

First Use in Patient of Conditionally Reprogrammed Cells Delivers Clinical Response
September 26, 2012

Georgetown Appoints Chair of Biostatistics, Bioinformatics and Biomathematics
September 25, 2012

Pregnancy Exposures Determine Risk of Breast Cancer in Multiple Generations of Offspring
September 11, 2012

Georgetown Lombardi Researcher Awarded “Provocative Question” Grant from NCI
September 5, 2012

Georgetown University Medical Ctr Establishes Innovation Center for Biomedical Informatics
September 4, 2012

Single Protein Promotes Resistance to Widely Used Anti-estrogen Drugs
July 2, 2012

NIH Awards $6.1 Million Grant to GUMC to Establish Center of Excellence for Health Disparities
June 26, 2012

Meet Me at the Men’s Event
June 21, 2012

Georgetown Lombardi Breast Cancer Expert to Lead ASCO
June 19, 2012

Study Conducted at Georgetown Lombardi Finds Sigmoidoscopy Reduces Colorectal Cancer Rates
May 21, 2012

Study Combines Lapatinib with Cetuximab to Overcome Resistance in EGFR-driven Tumors
May 16, 2012

Phase I Study of Temsirolimus, Capecitabine Proves Safe; Positive Survival Trend Seen
May 16, 2012

Georgetown Lombardi Receives $500,000 From Avon at 10th Annual Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
May 7, 2012

Research Examines When Benefits of Screening Mammography Outweigh the Harms for Women in Their 40s
April 30, 2012

Media Advisory: 'Bachelors and Bridesmaids'
April 11, 2012

Stopping the Spread of a Deadly Childhood Bone Cancer
April 3, 2012

Two Specific Agents Worse Than One in Treating Endocrine Resistant Breast Cancer Cells
April 2, 2012

Breast Cancer Resistance Linked to Timing of Soy Consumption
April 2, 2012

Georgetown MD/PhD Student Awarded International Recognition for Cancer Research
March 27, 2012

To Promote Lasting Impact, Cancer Drugs Should Force Dying Cells to Alert Immune Response
March 21, 2012

Bright Future Ahead for Antibody Cancer Therapy
March 15, 2012

Georgetown Grad Student Honored for Research “Quality, Originality and Significance”
March 9, 2012

Georgetown Lombardi Recruits Michael B. Atkins, M.D. as Deputy Director
February 28, 2012

Georgetown Lombardi Researchers Present New Findings on Head & Neck Cancers
January 26, 2012

Georgetown Pharmacologist V. Craig Jordan To Receive 2012 ASPET Goodman & Gilman Award
January 3, 2012

Potential Breast Cancer Prevention Agent Found to Lower Levels of “Good” Cholesterol Over Time
December 8, 2011

Researchers Discover Patterns of Genes Associated with Timing of Breast Cancer Recurrences
December 6, 2011

Fighting a Smarter War Against Cancer
November 19, 2011

Fighting a Smarter War Against Cancer
October 28, 2011

Georgetown Lombardi Gala 2011
October 28, 2011

HHS Secretary Sebelius, Cancer Survivors to Recognize Lifesaving Cancer Screening Program
September 30, 2011

Mutant Gene Identified that Causes Abnormal Chromosome Count, Leading to Cancer
August 18, 2011

Capital Breast Care Center Expands Services for Underserved Women, Receives $200,000 Gift
August 18, 2011

Higher estrogen production in the breast could confer greater cancer risk than thought
August 12, 2011

Study: Doctors Differ in How Best to Care for America’s 12 Million Cancer Survivors
July 22, 2011

“E-Cigarette or Drug Delivery Device?”
July 20, 2011

Georgetown Lombardi Experts Underscore Importance of Colorectal Cancer Screenings
July 7, 2011

Hyundai “Hope on Wheels,” DC-Area Hyundai Dealers Give $50k Grant to Georgetown Lombardi
July 1, 2011

Landmark Lung Cancer Screening Study Published
June 29, 2011

Many of Those Living with HIV Face A New Life-Threatening Challenge: Cancer
June 6, 2011

Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Capital Breast Care Center Receive One of Nine AVON Grants
June 6, 2011

East Meets West: Integrating Traditional Western Medicine with Evidence-Based Alternatives
June 6, 2011

New Treatment Regimen Shows Clinical Benefit in Advanced Colon Cancer
May 18, 2011

Investigational Agent Shows Promise in Reducing Spread of Prostate Cancer
April 29, 2011

Media Advisory: Capital Breast Care Centers Hosts 'Prelude to a Royal Wedding'
April 27, 2011

Study: Parents Likely to Embrace Predictive Genetic Testing for Their Children if Offered
April 18, 2011

Researchers Use Novel Methods to Identify How Cigarette Smoke Affects Smokers
April 6, 2011

Protein Found to Be the Link Missing Between HPV Infection and Cervical Cancer Development
April 5, 2011

Resistance to Anti-Estrogen Therapy in Breast Cancer Cells Due to Natural Stress Response
April 4, 2011

Vitamin D Can Decrease - or Increase - Breast Cancer Development and Insulin Resistance
April 4, 2011

Every Dollar Counts: Young Career Scientists Dependent on Federal Funding to Establish Research Labs
April 3, 2011

Georgetown Lombardi Researcher Says New Cancer Report Offers Some Good News
March 31, 2011

Georgetown Expert in Radiation Measurements Comments on Crisis in Japan
March 19, 2011

St. Gallen Breast Cancer Award 2011 Bestowed on Georgetown Lombardi’s V. Craig Jordan
March 16, 2011

Lombardi’s Peter Shields Elected President of American Society of Preventive Oncology
March 8, 2011

Georgetown University Medical Center Names Cancer Expert as Dean for Research
February 8, 2011

Unique Clinical Trial Design Accelerates Personalization of Breast Cancer Treatment
February 3, 2011

New Clinical Research Study Aims to Prevent Lymphedema in Women Treated for Breast Cancer
February 2, 2011

Georgetown Lombardi Researchers Launch First Nationwide Study to Explore “Chemo Brain” In Older Patients
January 31, 2011

Early Study Analysis Suggests Exemestane Reduces Breast Density in High Risk Postmenopausal Women
December 9, 2010

Lombardi Physician Says Warnings Proposed by HHS Are Critical to Preventing and Reducing Cigarette Smoking
November 10, 2010

Studying the Metabolome of Smokers, Lombardi Researchers Find Early Signs of Damage
November 7, 2010

Results of National Study Show Screening Former, Current Smokers with CT Scans Reduces Death from Lung Cancer
November 4, 2010

GUMC Associate Dean Honored as Legacy Laureate by Her Alma Mater
November 2, 2010

Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center Marks 40th Anniversary of Its Founding with Gala
October 28, 2010

Unique Database of Cancer - Designed to Personalize Treatment - Is Launched
October 26, 2010

Lombardi Research: Robotic Radiosurgery Offers Palliative Care for Hilar Lung Tumors
October 26, 2010

Improved Outcomes for HPV-positive Head and Neck Cancer With Cetuximab And IMRT
October 25, 2010

Lombardi’s Aziza Shad Receives “Relentless For A Cure” Award
October 23, 2010

A Redeeming Role for A Common Virus
October 19, 2010

$4.37 Million NCI Grant Accelerates Recent Laboratory Finding at Lombardi Into Potential Treatment for Ewing’s Sarcoma
October 16, 2010

D.C. Leaders Join Breast Cancer Survivors, Advocates to Commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month at ‘Gift of Life’ Breakfast
October 4, 2010

For Media: Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center's Breast Cancer Awareness Month Press Kit
October 1, 2010

Lombardi Study: Vigorous Exercise Appears to Dramatically Cut Breast Cancer Risk in African American Women
October 1, 2010

Vitamin D Protects Against Obesity-induced Endometrial Cancer, GUMC Researchers Say
September 21, 2010

GUMC’s Kenneth Tercyak Publishes Book on Psychosocial Aspects of Genomic Advances for Child and Family Health
September 18, 2010

Hyundai Hope on Wheels Gives $50,000 to Lombardi to Fight Pediatric Cancer
August 11, 2010

Lombardi Lymphoma Expert Elected Chairman of Lymphoma Research Foundation's Scientific Advisory Board
July 20, 2010

Researchers Suggest New Paradigm for Breast Cancer Screening
July 6, 2010

Lombardi’s Offie Soldin Responds to Recommendations About Dietary Salt Reductions
June 10, 2010

Consortium Seeks Best Treatment for HIV-positive Cancer Patients
June 7, 2010

Lombardi’s V. Craig Jordan Appointed to the Susan G. Komen Scientific Advisory Council
June 4, 2010

Statement from Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center on NCI Director-designate Harold Varmus
May 18, 2010

Slight Changes in Two Key Genes Appear to Launch Breast Cancer Development
May 13, 2010

Lombardi Researchers Discover New Way to "Rescue" Treatment Sensitivity of Breast Cancer Cells
May 10, 2010

Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center Researchers and the Capital Breast Care Center Receive One of Nine Grants Awarded at Eighth Annual Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
May 4, 2010

Lombardi’s V. Craig Jordan Inducted to National Academy of Sciences
April 28, 2010

Breast Density Change Linked to Cancer Development in WHI Hormone Replacement Study
April 21, 2010

One Big Problem With Many Possible Solutions
April 21, 2010

In Breasts Considered 'Healthy,' Too Much of One Protein Identifies Abnormal Growth
April 20, 2010

Lombardi Research Teams Hone In on Treatments for Osteoscarcoma and Ewing’s Sarcoma
April 20, 2010

Breast Cancer Risk Tied to Grandmother's Diet
April 19, 2010

Does a Man's Estrogen Level Impact His Risk of Prostate Cancer?
April 19, 2010

Routine Breast Cancer Biopsy Might Predict Lymph Node Cancer Spread
April 18, 2010

GUMC Awarded Grant to Develop Smoking Cessation Aids Based on Unconventional Theory of Nicotine Addiction
April 18, 2010

Targeted Agent Blocked Growth of Deadly Brain Cancer in Preclinical Studies
March 30, 2010

Lombardi Receives $7.5 Million in Federal Funding to Lead Breast Cancer-focused Center for Cancer Systems Biology
March 22, 2010

Lombardi's Ayesha N. Shajahan Wins 2010 AACR-Sanofi-Aventis Scholar-in-Training Award
March 22, 2010

GUMC Researchers Say Flower Power May Reduce Resistance to Breast Cancer Drug Tamoxifen
February 15, 2010

GUMC’s Lombardi Hosts Symposium Exploring Future of Cancer Research and Personalized Medicine
February 5, 2010

Journal Academic Radiology Selects Lombardi Researcher as Recipient of 2010 Herbert M. Stauffer Award for Best Basic Science Paper
January 28, 2010

Journal Nutrition Selects Lombardi Research on Cancer-Preventive Effects of Garlic as Most Outstanding Work for 2009
January 22, 2010

Lombardi Researchers Find Investigational Agent Reduces Tumor Resistance to Breast Cancer Therapy
January 6, 2010

New Research Could Advance Research Field Critical to Personalized Medicine
December 29, 2009

Clinical Trial Advances New Approach to Re-sensitizing Breast Cancer
December 11, 2009

For Many Women, Mammography Screening Every Other Year Has Most Benefits of Annual Exams but Less Harm, Conclude Six Independent Research Teams
November 16, 2009

On the Road to the Cure: Innovation and Signature Treatments at Georgetown Lombardi
November 11, 2009

Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center Researchers Honored
November 9, 2009

The “Lexus” of Cancer Treatment -- One Man’s Inspiring Drive to Survive
November 5, 2009

Eliminating Cancer Health Disparities: A New Era in Research
October 27, 2009

Gene blamed for immunological disorders shown to protect against breast cancer development
October 14, 2009

Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center Researcher Inducted into Institute of Medicine
October 13, 2009

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz (D-FL) to Visit the ‘Capital Breast Care Center’ in SE Washington
October 1, 2009

Cash for Cures -- Georgetown University Medical Center Researchers Receive Millions in Awards From the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)
September 30, 2009

Georgetown Breast Cancer Surgeon to Receive National and International Accolades
September 29, 2009

Georgetown Establishes New Gastrointestinal Research Center with $6.75 Million Gift
September 29, 2009

Lombardi’s Head of Minority Health & Disparities Invited Panelist at Congressional Black Caucus Conference
September 22, 2009

Blood Test Helps Guide Treatment Decisions and May Impact Quality of Life
September 14, 2009

Lombardi’s Peter Shields Elected President-Elect of American Society of Preventive Oncology
August 7, 2009

Antibody Targeting of Glioblastoma Shows Promise in Preclinical Tests, Say Lombardi Researchers
July 30, 2009

Lombardi Research: Common Household Pesticides Linked To Childhood Cancer Cases
July 28, 2009

NASA Selects Georgetown University Medical Center as Specialized Center of Research to Study Space Radiation Risks
July 19, 2009

GUMC Discovery Highlights New Direction For Drug Discovery
July 5, 2009

Protein Linked to Change in Tissue That Surround and Support Breast Tumors
June 12, 2009

Dual Role in Breast Tissue for a Protein Involved in Leukemia
June 12, 2009

Cardiovascular Fitness Not Affected by Cancer Treatment
May 28, 2009

America! Stores Support Lombardi's Nina Hyde Center for Breast Cancer Research
May 27, 2009

Lombardi Scientist Brings “Dream Team” Breast Cancer Research Effort to Georgetown University Medical Center
May 27, 2009

Women with Breast Cancer Find Comfort and More in Mentoring Program at Georgetown
May 22, 2009

More Older Women With Early-Stage Breast Cancer Choose Chemotherapy, GUMC Researchers Report
May 14, 2009

Georgetown Research: Mothers Satisfied When They Share Cancer Genetic Test Results with Children
May 14, 2009

Georgetown’s V. Craig Jordan Elected to National Academy of Sciences
April 29, 2009

GUMC Researchers: Test for Hormones in the Blood Not Reflective of Hormones in Breast Tissue; Breast Cancer Risk
April 22, 2009

Cholesterol Appears to Promote Tamoxifen Resistance in Some Breast Cancer Cells, GUMC Researchers Say
April 20, 2009

In Large Study, GUMC Researchers Document How p53 Gene Mutations Link to High-Grade Breast Cancer and Poor Outcomes
April 19, 2009

American Legacy Foundation and Georgetown University Medical Center Create Research Collaboration
April 14, 2009

V. Craig Jordan, Internationally Renowned Breast Cancer Scientist, Joins Georgetown’s Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
April 13, 2009

Lombardi Research: Monoclonal Antibodies Primed to Become Potent Immune Weapons against Cancer
March 20, 2009

Georgetown Study Suggests Radiosurgery with CyberKnife May Offer Equivalent Outcomes to Surgery For Early-Stage Lung Cancer Patients
March 20, 2009

U.S. Cancer Screening Trial Shows No Early Mortality Benefit from Annual Prostate Cancer Screening
March 18, 2009

Georgetown Researcher: Two or More Drinks a Day May Increase Pancreatic Cancer Risk
March 3, 2009

GUMC Young Scientist Selected Postdoctoral Fellow at NASA-Funded National Space Biomedical Research Institute
February 21, 2009

GUMC Researchers Find Gene Function “Lost” in Melanoma and Glioblastoma
December 17, 2008

Oldest Old “Hanging in the Balance?”
December 9, 2008

Findings from Black Women’s Health Study and Research about Uninformative Genetic Test Results Among Topics Presented by GUMC Researchers at AACR Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Meeting
November 18, 2008

Georgetown’s Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center Launches ShopforCancerCures.org to Raise Money for Cancer Research
November 17, 2008

Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Claudine Isaacs Selected As “Top Doc” by Women’s Health Magazine
November 6, 2008

“New” Estrogen Receptor Found to be Key Player in Tamoxifen Resistance
October 30, 2008

Lombardi Cancer Center Hosts International Symposium on Dance and Healthcare
October 29, 2008

Georgetown University Medical Center and Oak Ridge National Laboratory Announce Unique Research Partnership
October 23, 2008

Georgetown University Medical Center Researcher Elected to Institute of Medicine
October 13, 2008

Lombardi Names First Director of Clinical Research Informatics
October 9, 2008

Georgetown Hosts National Cancer Institute Director John Niederhuber
October 6, 2008

Cokie Roberts to Speak at Second Annual Gift of Life Breakfast
October 6, 2008

Lombardi Names Director of Health Services Research
October 3, 2008

Hyundai Donates $40,000 to Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center to Support Survivorship Program
September 22, 2008

New Options When An Old Enemy Returns
September 21, 2008

Dr. Lucile Adams-Campbell Joins Georgetown’s Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
September 21, 2008

Test Can Help Patient Determine Treatment Changes Earlier
September 11, 2008

One Step Back… Two Steps Forward
September 5, 2008

District’s First-Ever Doo Wop Benefit Concert to Attract Hundreds of Local Business, Community Leaders
August 28, 2008

John L. Marshall Elected President of the International Society of Gastrointestinal Oncology
August 28, 2008

Georgetown University Medical Center Collaborates with Indivumed to Develop Cancer Research Database
July 29, 2008

Georgetown Only CyberKnife Center in Mid-Atlantic Treating Children
July 18, 2008

Vitamin A Pushes Breast Cancer to Form Blood Vessel Cells
July 15, 2008

GUMC’s Baris Suzek Honored for His Significant Accomplishments and Contributions to caBIG™
July 14, 2008

Focus on Ethics Critical as Scientific Advances are Applied to Ethnicity and Race
July 10, 2008

Malignant Brain Tumors: GUMC Experts Available to Comment
May 21, 2008

Study Suggests Blood Test Can Help Lead To Improved Treatment Outcomes for Breast Cancer Patients
May 15, 2008

Avon Foundation Awards $800K To Lombardi’s Capital Breast Care Center
May 8, 2008

Chance of Second Breast Cancer Might Be Greater Than Previously Thought for High-Risk Women Without BRCA1/2 Mutations
May 4, 2008

Shawna Willey, MD, of Georgetown’s Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Elected President of the American Society of Breast Surgeons
May 4, 2008

Georgetown Student Takes 1st Place in Poster Competition at International Cancer Research Meeting
April 15, 2008

Space Radiation May Cause Prolonged Cellular Damage to Astronauts
April 15, 2008

Georgetown Researchers Find Stem Cell Marker Controls Two Key Cancer Pathways
April 14, 2008

Gene Variations, Alcohol, and an Association with Breast Cancer Risk
April 13, 2008

In Lab Study, Researchers Find Molecule That Disrupts Ewing’s Sarcoma Oncogene
April 13, 2008

Nutrition, Genes and Cancer Symposium Hosted by Georgetown’s Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
April 12, 2008

Evidence Now Suggests Eating Soy Foods in Puberty Protects Against Breast Cancer
April 8, 2008

Family Communication Impacts Attitude About Genetic Counseling/Testing for Breast Cancer
March 27, 2008

Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center Publishes Book for Childhood Cancer Survivors
March 27, 2008

Cherry Blossoms to Benefit Breast Cancer Research
March 25, 2008

Georgian State Visit Includes Lombardi’s Capital Breast Care Center
March 20, 2008

MEDIA ADVISORY: Georgian President and First Lady’s State Visit to Include Lombardi’s Capital Breast Care Center
March 18, 2008

Genetic Counselors Turn to Unconventional Counseling To Meet Explosive Demand for Genetic Testing
March 17, 2008

Anatasha Crawford Selected For Prestigious Bouchet Society
March 11, 2008

Lombardi Physician-Scientist Awarded Prestigious Burroughs Wellcome Fund Award
March 7, 2008

Expressive Writing Appears to Change Thoughts and Feelings about Cancer
February 21, 2008

Lombardi Director Available to Comment on Major Research Study Linking Insurance Status to Advanced-Stage Cancers
February 19, 2008

Discovery of Good - and Bad – Liver Stem Cells Raises Possibility of New Treatment
February 5, 2008

Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center Names Peter G. Shields Deputy Director
February 1, 2008

Georgetown Hematology Head Named Chairman-Elect, Lymphoma Research Foundation
January 28, 2008

Georgetown Drug Discovery Expert To Be Awarded Endowed Chair in Experimental Therapeutics
January 14, 2008

Findings Point to Molecular 'Achilles Heel' for Half of Breast Cancer Tumors
January 14, 2008

Breast Imaging Center Designated "Center of Excellence"
January 8, 2008

New Research Tools Suggest Cancer And Other Diseases Are Too Complex For Easy Answers, Researchers Say
December 26, 2007

Experimental Technique at GUMC Offers Real-Time Analysis of Breast Cancer Biopsies
November 13, 2007

2007 Avon Foundation Awardees Include Lombardi’s Capital Breast Care Center
November 1, 2007

Child Health Psychologists Need To Promote Adult Disease Prevention
October 23, 2007

Lombardi Expert Comments on New Study Linking Sun Exposure and Advanced Breast Cancer
October 18, 2007

Tony Snow, Ken Venturi to Be Honored at Lombardi Gala
October 17, 2007

Georgetown Names New Director of Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
October 16, 2007

Lombardi's Shad Receives Prestigious Penn State Award
October 10, 2007

Shop at Safeway and Support the Ourisman Breast Health Center
October 9, 2007

MEDIA TIP SHEET: FDA Investigating Cancer Pain Drug
September 14, 2007

New Clues to Breast Cancer Development in High-Risk Women
September 10, 2007

Georgetown's Department of Urology and Lombardi Offer Free Prostate Cancer Screening
September 6, 2007

CyberKnife Use Outside of the Brain Increases to 57 Percent of All CK Cases at Georgetown
September 6, 2007

MEDIA ADVISORY: HYUNDAI Hope on wheels program to Donate $40,000 to Pediatric Cancer Research at Lombardi
September 6, 2007

Women: No More Cold, Hard Mammograms
August 28, 2007

Pancreatic Cancer: Catching it Sooner and Saving Lives
August 22, 2007

Dense Breasts, Hormone Levels Are Two Separate, Independent Risk Factors For Breast Cancer
August 17, 2007

New Cause of Tamoxifen Resistance in Breast Cancer Cells Discovered at Lombardi
August 9, 2007

$4.5 Million Gift Establishes New Chair, Professorship at GUMC
August 7, 2007

Accuracy Of Thyroid Hormone Testing Improved With State-Of-The-Art Test
July 26, 2007

First Patient Treated With Second CyberKnife Now Operating at Georgetown
July 19, 2007

GUMC Professor of Oncology Named Editor-in-Chief of New Journal
July 9, 2007

$2 Million Komen Award Will Fund Research to Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer
July 5, 2007

Scientists Discover Key to Manipulating Fat
July 1, 2007

In 'Spontaneous' Liver Cancer, Researcher Sees a Cure
June 19, 2007

Georgetown's Second Cyberknife Ready To Go July 2007
June 14, 2007

Largest Synthetic Gene Ever Built Offers Insights into Anti-Malarial Drug Resistance
June 6, 2007

Georgetown Kicks off Drug Discovery Partnership with Virginia Tech
May 24, 2007

New Data Shows HPV Vaccine, Created at Georgetown, Can Prevent Vaginal and Oral Cancers
May 18, 2007

Lombardi Scientist Testifies before Maryland State Senate
April 6, 2007

MEDIA ADVISORY: 'Straight Talk' About Cancer
April 5, 2007

Prostate Cancer Pioneer Nancy Dawson to Join Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
March 19, 2007

MEDIA ADVISORY: Exploring the HPV Vaccine and the Social, Legal and Public Health Debate
March 9, 2007

Georgetown Awards First Molecular Research Chair to Lombardi Cancer Expert
February 28, 2007

Protein Identified That Regulates Effectiveness of Taxol Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer
February 21, 2007

Family Fights Same Rare Cancer For Three Generations
February 20, 2007

Pancreatic Cancer: A Silent Killer
February 20, 2007

First Lady Michelle Fenty Appointed President of Advisory Council for Capital Breast Care Center
February 20, 2007

Two Georgetown Students Win Science Education Awards
February 12, 2007

Lombardi Expert Helps Set New Guidelines for Assessing Lymphoma Treatment
February 6, 2007

Media Tip Sheet: Cervical Health Awareness Month
January 26, 2007

Georgetown Docs 'Tops' in Northern Virginia Magazine
January 25, 2007

Young Cancer Survivors at Risk for Behaviors That Raise Future Cancer Risk
January 23, 2007

In Vivo Study: Whole Wheat in Maternal Diet Reduces Breast Cancer Risk in Offspring
December 12, 2006

Lombardi Institute for Quality of Life Established with Grant from Prince Charitable Trusts
December 8, 2006

Lombardi Greeting Card Gift Boxes on Sale Now!
November 28, 2006

Lombardi Director Dritschilo Comments on JAMA Study on Effectiveness of Prostate Cancer Treatments
November 15, 2006

Georgetown Recognizes Creator of HPV Vaccine
November 1, 2006

Some Key Laboratory Breast Cancer Cell Lines Are, Indeed, Good Models for the 'Real' Disease
October 31, 2006

A Conversation with the Man Behind the HPV Vaccine
October 24, 2006

Redskins Owner Dan Snyder and Football Legend Vincent Papale to be Honored at 21st Lombardi Gala
October 17, 2006

GUMC to Host First-Ever Regional Childhood Cancer Survivors Conference
October 10, 2006

Inaugural Marilyn Hughes Gaston, MD, Award for Outstanding Achievement in Women's Health Given
October 10, 2006

Treat the Woman, Not Her Age:Older Women and Breast Cancer
October 2, 2006

Hold the Hookah: Researcher Warns Against Trendy Tobacco Use
September 29, 2006

GUMC Leads Effort to Study Safety of 'Alternative' Tobacco Products
September 20, 2006

Community Outreach and Preventive Education Are Top Priorities for New Head of Capital Breast Care Center
September 18, 2006

GUMC Announces Appointment of Dr. Albert Fornace, Jr.
September 13, 2006

Lombardi Social Worker Wins WOW Award from Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
September 1, 2006

musiKares Donates CDs and CD Players to Arts & Humanities Program
September 1, 2006

Nobel Laureate Addresses Lombardi Faculty
August 30, 2006

Free Prostate Cancer Screening Offered
August 15, 2006

$6.5 Million Gift to Establish Hereditary Cancer Center at Georgetown University
August 15, 2006

Light Therapy Simplifies Disease Treatment For GI Patients
August 10, 2006

Georgetown University Medical Center Hosts Hyundai Hope On Wheels Tour
July 31, 2006

GUMC Research Leads to Cancer Vaccine
June 8, 2006

New Understanding of Ewing's Sarcoma Suggests Novel Treatment Strategy
June 1, 2006

Georgetown Physician Appointed US Director of International Cancer Network
May 18, 2006

Drug Discovery Expert Joins GUMC
May 9, 2006

Lombardi Researchers and Physicians Help Launch First-Ever District Cancer Control Plan
April 19, 2006

Amey Distinguished Professorship Established for Neuro-Oncology and Childhood Cancer Research Program
April 12, 2006

CyberKnife Zaps More Tumors in Hard to Reach Places as GUH Docs Pioneer New Techniques
March 10, 2006

Liver Cancer New Target of Cyberknife Study
February 17, 2006

Research: Veggies May Protect Against Cancer
February 9, 2006

BRCA1 Gene Found to Inhibit Two Sex Hormones, Not Just One
January 26, 2006

Pillcam for the Esophagus: Is Your Heartburn Killing You?
January 15, 2006

National Fundraising Tour Stops at Georgetown to Capture Handprints of Local Children With Cancer
October 18, 2005

Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center and MedStar Health Partner with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Tour of Hope for Baltimore to Washington, DC, Fundraising Ride
October 4, 2005

Researchers Find Defects in Adult Stem Cell Niche May Cause Breast Cancer
October 3, 2005